We ship worldwide, and we also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy on all products. If you require more information than is provided on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Every year it seems we get the same thing happen - customers order and then (unfairly) complain about not having received their item. All items ship within 5 BUSINESS/WORKING days of order, although quite often this is the maximum period. The typical delivery time to Australia and the USA is 11 - 14 days, although on occasion it can take up to 21 days depending upon weather and time of year - i.e. Christmas can make this take slightly longer. This means that there are extra days where the postal system does not work - e.g. Christmas Day, New Years Day and on occasion Christmas Eve & New Years Eve. These extra days of holiday are beyond our control and can add to the delivery time for your order. You MUST expect a longer delivery time when ordering at this time of year - not as a result of our service - but as a result of the extra strain put on the postal service worldwide.
Yes! The shipping module on this site can be quite rigid, so if you want to get a price for a bulk purchase, we can always provide a price for this that is bespoke to your needs.
Yes you can! We are happy to work with customers and provided any requests are discussed via email first, we can usually make anything possible! YOU MUST BUY FROM THIS LINK FOR A CUSTOMISED HOODIE:
We are a professional design and clothing company, and we use state of the art digital clothing printers and plotters to craft our designs. NONE OF OUR ITEMS ARE "IRON ON TRANSFERS"!!! Our Main design print is done using Silk Screen Printing, and is very hard wearing and lasts for years and years! On certain CUSTOM designs we use professional grade fashion vinyl which is applied under extreme pressure and heat (over 180 degrees C) which causes the vinyl to bond with the fabric. The vinyl we use is the same as used by the England Rugby team on their shirts - so we think that is good enough! Our hoodies are also excellent quality. They are 80% cotton and retain their softness after many washes - unlike some other sellers who use 50% cotton hoodies which feel pretty nasty after a couple of washes. In summary - we work very hard to make sure the overall quality of what reaches our customers is of the very highest standard, and we can assure you, that you would be proud to wear our clothing to any event.
Our hoodies are 280gsm (grams per square metre). This basically means they are a medium thickness hoodie suitable for anyone to wear in any country - at any time of year. We have found this is the best all rounder for our customers, as it is still affordable to ship (thicker hoodies = more expensive to ship - as they can weigh substantially more). This combined with the fact that we have customers from all over the world - means that you can be happy to wear one of our hoodies if you live in Australia, Africa or the USA without it being to hot or too cold. We can if you prefer - supply thicker hoodies up to 330gsm. Please contact us for a quote if this is something you would like.
No! No! No! As mentioned below in more detail - all designs are so strong - they will outlast the actual hoodie when it comes to surviving repeated washing. FOR MORE INFORMATION - PLEASE READ: "HOW GOOD IS THE QUALITY?"
Yes! If you prefer, you can buy from our actual main website - please email us for details and we can provide you with more information to include our phone number, address and web details. We are a professional design company who has been trading for over 6 years, and we have sold literally thousands of products to very happy customers. Our eBay Feedback score is currently over 6700 (and is comprised of 99.9% + feedback).